Granite Kitchen, Marble and Quartz Countertops Miami FL

Most homeowners in Miami FL think that they need to do extensive renovations on their homes to make it look and feel fresh and new, but you may want to consider doing something strategic instead. Putting in granite kitchen countertops isn’t as expensive as you may think and can completely transform your kitchen and make it the heart of the home once more.

At Marble Design, we understand the need for modernity for the home while still having old-school work ethics from the installation expert. We focus on providing you with the best customer service while helping you choose the most appropriate products for your home.

While everyone tends to want granite in their homes, we also offer marble & quartz countertops. They are unique in that many homes don’t have them, so you’ve got something different and bold for your home.

Why are we Different

We understand that you’ve got a variety of options available to you for countertop materials and installation experts. We also know that you could try the DIY approach if you are so bold. However, we have decades of experience, which helps us give you customized solutions for your countertop.

While most installation experts purchase the slabs of marble, quartz, or granite from another supplier, we work with these stones and customize the cuts to your needs. We use digital cutting tools, ensuring a precise measurement, cut, and customized shapes where needed. Once it is cut to your specifications, we can install it and ensure that it is done correctly.

We also offer maintenance for your granite and marble countertops. If you’ve got something in the home already, you may want to restore it to its natural shine. We can help with this and many other needs. Contact us now to learn more or request service.

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